Apple On A Mission To Diversify The Supply Chain By Purchasing Chips From US And Europe

Tech giant Apple is making some major plans to purchase chips that are built in both America and Europe.

The company’s decision of doing so came in the form of a recent report that was published by Bloomberg. It comments on Tim Cook making the startling reveal at one of his corporation’s internal meetings.

Remember, Apple has made a choice to purchase plants in Arizona and that would be up for production as early as 2024. This means the firm could begin making use of such chips in a two-year timespan as confirmed by Apple’s CEO. Similarly, he spoke about how the company is on a mission to source from places like Europe since such plans are going public.

Apple announced how it would be making customized chips like the M2 that is used to drive smart devices like MacBooks and even the A-series processors seen on iPhones. These are produced thanks to TSMC which is a firm based in Taiwan.

But this is not the only organization that hopes to make a plant in Arizona. Others would include the likes of Intel which has some major plans to make a plant there. This would be opened up in the year 2024, right after it got legislation from US lawmakers for doing so. Their investment is around $50 billion in terms of semiconductor production.

Intel adds that it would make chips for so many other firms along the way, instead of producing only processors for its own organization.

Apple has no plans of developing such cutting-edge technology as it could never be at par with the chips from TSMC so the plant would be great but the transition to be the best would require due time.

No matter which firms end up developing chips for a company like Apple in places like the US and Europe, we’re not surprised by the decision. Remember, we’re talking about companies that are looking to expand in places other than Asia.

We’re also seeing them diversify on geographic terms in regard to the supply chain. Remember, we’re seeing more iPhones being developed in places like India in the past few years so this shouldn’t be a huge shocker. Then we’re hearing more reports about AirPods getting made in Vietnam and some leading products like iPads and MacBooks getting produced in similar places.

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