Users In The US Are Starting To Not Trust Social Media And That's Why It Came On Last On The List Of Most Trusted Industries

In 2022, everyone loves using social media but do you know it's one of the least trusted industries in the world right now? Edelman made a report about the list of 12 sectors out of 15,000 which were examined during this study. The study revealed that social media is at the last of the list because of only 47% of the trust rate among users. Technology was at the top of the ranking because of the 76% trust rate. When technology is kept close to social media, trust in technology declines by about 4.3%.

These trust issues are usually rooted because of privacy, safety, and security reasons on social media. This was concluded after the survey of 2,225 US users of social media between the ages of 18 to 76. The validity of advertisements was also one of the reasons for this mistrust. The social media apps which were part of the survey included Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, and Reddit. The survey also showed that this mistrust in these apps increased last year.

Out of the comparison of the trust between apps, Pinterest is the most trusted app followed by LinkedIn. Snapchat is at 3rd spot as the most trusted social media app. Just like 2021's survey, Facebook came in last as it is full of misinformation and security concerns.

As a result, many users in the US are not using social media apps enough and some have completely cut off from them. Last year, 27.5% of people were using Facebook, but now only 18.3% are on this platform. YouTube was used by 41.6% of US users last year, but now it has been reduced to 33.7%. 26.1% of users were using LinkedIn, but this year the percentage is only 19.2.

Social media scrapes bottom in ranking of most trusted industries

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