iPhones Are Being Stripped Off The Shelves In Brazil After Nation Fails To Offer Power Adapters

When Brazil says it means business, there’s no room for playing around.

Recently, we saw the country’s Ministry of Justice step in and suspend sales of all iPhones in the nation. And that’s because Apple failed to follow its rules of providing power adapters with the iPhone device.

Apple mentioned how the decision was a tough one but they didn’t want adapters because all they ended up doing was causing harm and increasing the carbon footprint on the planet.

Apple says that if and when users require the adapter, they can feel free to buy it of their own will but it won’t be entertaining the idea of providing it with devices anymore.

That caused a furious outcry in Brazil which is now taking a bold step to eliminate all sales of iPhones in the country. Moreover, in recent times, we’ve seen Apple fail to listen to the rules and governing bodies. They’ve even been slapped with lawsuits and hefty fines but nothing seems to be changing and now, we’re hearing more about devices that won’t be sold as if it’s a total boycott to get the leading iPhone maker’s attention.

Seizing the latest iPhones from so many Apple retail outlets was not something people saw coming.

Today, the news was first reported by Technoblog which mentioned that Brazil’s Procon-DF has grabbed a hold of hundreds of devices in various retail outlets in the country’s capital city.

Their Operation Discharge has forced Apple to come face to face with some local regulations that need smartphones to be transferred with a charger that’s found in its box.

All carrier stores seized the devices and that entails Apple’s authorized resellers. We’ve seen Apple not only ship the iPhone 12 without chargers but also remove the accessory from all iPhone 11 boxes simultaneously too.

Brazil is now requesting that the government allow for sales of the device in the nation until a final decision is made regarding such disputes. The firm mentioned to the Techno blog how it would continue to allow for iPhone sales in places like Brazil despite such an operation taking place.

Apple Brazil says that until and unless a final verdict isn’t reached, they requested the government to enable sales of the iPhone range to continue in the country. And that seems to be working because they are doing just that.

Some people in Brazil feel that the time has come to understand that Apple is not going against any human rights. They are doing what they feel is best for the environment in general.

Apple might appear to be confident on the inside, but the truth is far from that. Hence, we just need to wait and watch who comes out on top.

The news comes at a time when the company’s Apple TV 4K arises with a staggering USB-C cable present inside the box. And there is yet to be any form of justification provided as to why such a decision was made in the first place.

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