Most Americans Are Doubtful Of Reinstating Donald Trump’s Twitter Account

The average American is doubtful about the impact of reinstating former US President Donald Trump’s account on the app.

The news comes just days after CEO Elon Musk was seen asking his followers through a poll what they felt about having the country’s former commander-in-chief back in action on the platform.

For those who may not be aware, Twitter was a place where Trump spoke his mind and really had his supporters glued to their screens in terms of what his party wished to do next.

But it was all lost after Twitter opted to suspend his account for the January 6 Riots that were held in DC as they felt he was trying to incite violence and that went against the app’s policies.

Today, 44% of Americans feel that the decision to have him back should never have been taken in the first place. On the other hand, 43% felt it was the right decision and he had been suspended for way too long. Meanwhile, 13% expressed how they were just indecisive on what the right decision should have been.

These findings correlated to what Musk had polled last week where he says the decision was taken on the basis of the majority of people taking part in this poll as he feels the users have spoken and that’s what counts.

Musk says 52% mentioned yes while 48% said no. Now, it was asked by plenty of Americans if Musk made the right decision to use a poll to make such a serious call. And to no one’s surprise, most people said no. They felt there could have been a better way to decide and this just was not it.

We are yet to see any Tweet coming out from Trump after his account was reinstated. Moreover, the former US President has already spoken about how he might not be returning because Twitter is in shambles and he has a hard time seeing progress on the platform anytime soon.

Another poll was similarly conducted to ask people who they felt should be the ones tweeting the most from the app. And the majority felt the right answer was Trump while Elon Musk came in second.

Whether or not polls should be used in the first place and how reliable they actually are is definitely a question critics are considering.

H/T: MediaPost

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