India Opts To Make USB Type-C Chargers Mandatory For Electronic Devices

It was only recently that we heard about the European Union voting in favor of USB Type-C chargers and making them a mandatory form of charging for all electronic devices.

Now, we’re hearing about India following in the very same footsteps and going down the exact same route that big tech giants had feared since day one. This particular decision was made after a consensus during a meeting of the inter-ministerial forces that was planned by the country’s government recently.

There was a top line of representatives attending the high-profile meeting including those representing the nation’s top IIT of the institute of technology and chambers of commerce and climate change.

Similarly, we’re hearing more news regarding the wide array of consultations taking place by the Indian government in terms of standardizing various charging systems. One is for tablets and phones while the other is for phones arising at lower prices.

India’s Electronic Industries Association mentioned how there is a global shift that’s pivoted in the direction of USB-C ports and it would make sense why the nation is so keen on adopting it. One integral point worth noticing here has to do with the rate at which technological obsolescence occurs in the electronic industry. It’s all taking place at a high rate and what goes in today is literally out the door tomorrow.

On average, India has ended up producing nearly 5 million tonnes of e-waste in the year 2021 and the ranking is only behind the likes of China and America. One other major concern is linked to the EU making a huge shift and dumping useless devices and phones in countries like India so they’re doing everything possible to avoid this.

India’s ministry of consumer affairs is also taking the matter very seriously and has begun its own drive of taking forces to examine the feasibility of such uniform charging ports regarding wearables like smart brands and smartwatches.

Similar to Europe, just as when India’s government opts to make this call, we could soon see the Apple devices being impacted greatly by the call but the leading iPhone maker vowed to respect such laws when in place.

India hopes to make the decision as a uniform rollout for charging ports across its tech industry so users can start adapting to the new trend at the same time.

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