Google Launches An Array Of Exciting New Features To Its Maps, Search, And Shopping

We heard about Google introducing some exciting new features a while back, and now, it’s finally here.

The news was first announced in September of this year when we heard about a Google Search On program speaking about how there were some great plans in the pipeline for Shopping, Search, and Maps.

For starters, Google Search is getting a new feature that helps users find the perfect meal through restaurant searches. You can look for a particular craving by searching for cafes near you providing that offering. This feature helps not only satisfy their cravings but to find some wonderful food options that they never knew existed.

Similarly, they would be able to use the Google Lens feature on both iOS and Android so they can click images or screenshots of foods to see what’s located nearby.

We are even hearing about a new exciting update that would be launched soon to the platform’s Lens AR. The text can be deleted, and recreated with the help of pixels that are created through AI-generated backdrops. Next up, the text would be translated over the overlay at the image’s top.

Secondly, Google Maps is getting its own visual search. This is dubbed Live View and it would be applicable in some of the world’s biggest leading cities. Common examples include London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Paris.

Simply pick up your phone, click on the camera that’s seen in the search bar and you’ll find a hotspot of your liking among others. On the other hand, it’s cool to see how a lot of it comes with the help of directions powered by AR technology. There are some arrows that enable users to see the exact location that they happen to be in.

EV owners are also being benefited through such new offerings as they’re provided with help about the best charging station nearby. So simply click on the Fast Charge Filter and you’ll see charging stations arise with ease.

Google mentioned how it’s keen on sending out an expansion of ‘accessible places’ worldwide right after a steady launch in countries like Japan, Australia, the UK, and the US. This would assist people in figuring out locations that are wheelchair friendly for the disabled.

Lastly, you can expect some more exciting things from Google Shopping too. The search engine giant says it’s launching a fascinating AR shopping offering that makes it easier to look for the perfect foundation match.

Shopaholics can better imagine a product before they make a purchase with any leading brand. Similarly, Google hopes to take more steps to turn every person’s shopping experience worthwhile so things are found with ease.

As far as when the features are going to be launched, well, you can expect them to be taken advantage of immediately as the rollout has begun for the likes of visual searches, AR, and even these new offerings.

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