Apple And Google May Be Dominating In The Gaming World But Their Actions Are Being Probed

Tech giants Apple and Google are definitely dominating the world of gaming but if you think their actions are going unnoticed, well, think again.

Be it mobile browsing or cloud gaming, everything is now getting investigated by the United Kingdom’s competition regulator.

The news comes after a shocking market study was carried out by the CMA which spoke about how they had the biggest stranglehold when it comes down to operating systems, browsers, and app stores seen on various mobile phones.

Now, the breaking part is that if any form of adverse effect is seen regarding fellow arch-rivals, during this 18-month tenure, the CMA would be liable to make some huge changes.

For now, both leading tech firms are denying any form of accusations being thrown their way. But as recently mentioned by the CMA’s interim main executive, the goal of such moves is to make sure customers across the UK get the best set of mobile data services. Next, developers would want to invest in more innovative applications.

Most businesses seen across the United Kingdom and even web developers inform how they sometimes feel they’re being held back for some reason, thanks to Google and Apple. As it is, both of these companies are leading names in the industry and have a firm grip on the market like how a monopoly functions.

Most cloud gaming services belong to either Google or Apple and with nearly 800,000 clients up for grabs, there is a reason why people are now getting worried it’s time to see what the two firms are really up to.

Google tried to ward off such claims by going into detail about its operating systems seen on Android. This paved the way for developers to select the browser of their preference and now, it’s Google’s Chrome that’s leading the pack in this regard.

Meanwhile, Apple mentioned how it strongly felt that innovation continues to exist in places that are not only vibrant but super competitive.

Today, the app store has even gone as far as assisting millions to shape their ideas into real apps. Let’s not forget it provides support to thousands in the form of jobs in the UK.

It’s quite simple to understand that engaging in something constructively with the CMA to see how the company’s approach enhances competition while maintaining privacy and security is definitely what Apple says it stands by.

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