TikTok users can now request for verification in the app

With the whole Twitter verification process sweeping the Internet, ByteDance’s TikTok is also making its way to the party by letting its users apply for verification on the short video platform.

As per the tweet posted by Jonah Manzano, an Australian creator and musician, the application, after being updated to its latest variant, is now offering a new feature to its users. Any user, despite their account type, has access to place a confirmation request for TikTok.

Manzano's tweet was soon retweeted by Matt Navarra, a social media analyst, and consultant. Based on the screenshot shared by Matt in his tweet, the whole process will only be eligible for users of strong importance and renowned brands and companies. A total of three steps are required to submit a request for approval or verification. The first step is to meet the basic conditions for verification. Once the data has been entered, the second step will be to fill in the account details, and lastly, the notability is to be shown.

Since the platform is used by people of all ages, many users are below 18. If any account under this age has a notable background, then they can submit their request via email.

To access the verification page, Jonah shared a snapshot guiding users through the step-by-step procedure. Users start by opening the app itself and tapping the user profile option. Once the profile has been opened, a menu option is to be tapped, in which the user will be shown privacy and settings options.

In this section, the Manage Account option will be displayed. From here, the business profile can submit the request, and the same goes for users with a personal or private profile.

Since the feature has been rolled out in a selected number of countries, it will take some time before it appears globally. Though the users applying for verification should know that the platform has strict terms for granting verification, the platform itself reviews the posts being added to the application and hands out different badges to users with large numbers of followers who are also doing well on the site.

The official announcement for the global release is yet to be made, and since then, it can be expected that it may take some time before general users can get their hands on it as well.

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