Google Tests New Feature That Allows Companies To Diversify Their Revenue

Search engine giant Google says that it’s on a mission to test out a new offering that it feels would bring a smile to companies’ faces.

The tech giant is quietly experimenting with means to diversify revenue by putting new choices on the table for monetization alongside the usual endeavors such as advertising.

For now, it’s trying to keep its lips sealed and would have plenty more to share in the near future. Moreover, we’re talking about an offering that evolves and through which the firm can attain feedback from its respective publishers. And in case you’re wondering what the name is, well, it’s called Rewarded Ad Gate.

One user located on a SEO community forum says the feature was something he came across while trying to log into the AdSense platform. This feature mentioned in bold terms how it would end up providing users with the chance to monetize with those having the greatest amount of engagement. And if there is something that constantly visits a webpage, you end up having the means to attain more sources of ad revenue.

For now, this will end up putting forward visitors where the visitor can view ads, pictures, or video content that play for just 30 seconds or even a lesser duration.

Moreover, you’ll find the message pop up with a Thank You, moments after the ad finishes. After that, the visitor would attain access to this site, right after a message pulls through.

In case the users opt not to view an ad, they wouldn’t be given the chance to access such a page until or unless it resets the next month or they end up viewing the ad themselves

On the other hand, we’re hearing more news about Google offering some more interstitial ads that would be available in the inventory too. This would be common for gaming applications that provide different features such as more lives or perhaps a power-up. This also receives support through AdMob.

In case you are already wondering, there is a massive difference seen in this particular feature and the rewarded interstitial advertisements. For now, the options to monetize are undergoing a beta. It is particularly focused on the likes of access to a webpage for a certain period of time.

Meanwhile, those rewarded interstitials would differ in terms of the wide range of rewards on offer.

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