Google Launches Beta Of Its Android Games On PC To More Regions

During the early part of this year, Google was seen rolling out a beta where users could play Android Games across PCs. However, it was only for a few selected regions and was seen getting expanded to places like the US, Brazil, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, and Indonesia.

As can be expected, so many games are present on Android, and the fact that Google is opening up a new avenue that allows it to be played across PCs means a whole new world of new opportunities.

For now, we know that this test is just restricted to a few games from the majority. But it really is so interesting and you get to play them on phones, tablets, PC, and Chromebooks. Similarly, the experiment is getting expanding to various regions and Google has really worked hard to bring things down to a minimum so it runs flawlessly on PCs.

So yes, you’ll be getting the chance to play in this new beta but it will be very minimal as you require a Windows 10, SSDs with 10GB free space, and RAM comprising 8GB. Then there is Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU or something that’s equal to that.

For now, Google has mentioned how it won’t be guaranteed that games would be running at a minimal configuration but how its services would be doing that it won't guarantee that games will run with the minimum configuration, only that its service will.

This final warning being mentioned at the end won’t install confidence but it never hurts to be on the PC. In case it does end up working, well, you can always experience it on Google Play Games and if not, feel free to go back and play your games across your regular smart devices such as a phone or a tablet.

This is not the sole option out there in terms of running Android applications in places like your PC. Microsoft has started experimenting with the Windows Subsystem on Windows 11 for Android too.

Anyways, those who are interested in this venture can try out Google’s new solution for gaming. You can even head on over to Google Play Games for signup.

Google is currently in the process of making the rollout happen in various regions and we’re excited to see which countries are included so stay tuned.

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