Google Is Moving Its Lens Image Search To The Center Of Its Homepage

For a while now, we’ve seen Google integrate its famous image recognition technology called Google Lens into a number of its offerings.

Be it Chrome or Google Photos, it can be found in various places. But now, we’re seeing it put it right out in the middle and at the forefront. As revealed by several eagle eye users, the new button for Google Lens is going to be in the homepage’s dead center.

This would be right at the center of the famous search bar and we feel that’s going to be a huge deal as confirmed by the company’s VP of engineering. He is reportedly in charge of the Search and the Lens division for the firm and he feels this could help give the feature the right exposure. Let’s not forget how major of a change this can be because remember, Google certainly does not like changing its homepage for anyone and everyone.

Once you click the Lens Button, the feature encourages you to install images or add the URL linked to one. After doing that, you’re redirected to a new page that is very familiar in case you’ve used this Lens application in the past.

Google Images really lets you search for some of the most similar images for quite some time and now, it appears the app wants you to go one step further. Moreover, it also provides you with some more details about the things located in the image too. So if you wish to scan an image of this product, you get welcomed with a lot of results linked to shopping.

If for instance, you add things like plants or animals, well, Google will do everything in its power to inform you more about what it is and there are going to be so many images that would be utilized for the sake of cross-reference.

Other than that, you can expect some more features that are built inside the platform like scanning pictures that entail text that can be copied and then translated. Moreover, if you end up scanning the QR codes, you’ll see more information regarding it like links for reverse image searches to figure out where it hailed from.

We feel that such offerings aren’t going to be a huge surprise to so many of us out there that are accustomed to using Google Lens on both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, some features are put into the likes of your computer’s operating system such as macOS. In case you are part of those using the system without such features, then remember you’ll be able to grab a hold of an easier access version for Lens that can be a really handy tool for pictures.

For now, both pixel 7 and 7 Pro are bound to stick to the previous year’s feature for the Google Lens which entail a very visible camera bar in a horizontal position. It would entail a few minor tweaks. But with the great offerings like big screens and shiny back panels, it’s more or less similar to flagship phones.

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