Google On A Mission To Expand Its Language Portfolio Using AI Technology

In case you didn’t know, Google really takes its language portfolio seriously. And now, there’s more news on how the company is expanding its portfolio using things like AI technology.

The firm has set up a 1,000 language target toward building a new AI model which would support the likes of some of the world’s most spoken languages so that information could be accessed easily.

As Google’s senior executive mentioned, language is a huge aspect in terms of how people communicate and make great sense in this world. As a whole, around 7000 different languages are spoken globally and there are only a couple that ends up being represented in the right context.

Due to quite a lot of ambitious undertakings in this universe, Google feels this is the right project that would take a few years to complete and bring to life but it is confident in reaching the goal, nevertheless.

Google created a new Universal Speech Model that is usually trained over the likes of about 400 different languages and it provides a lot of coverage in terms of a speech model. We’re seeing the tech giant join hands with a few more communities to source data linked to speech.

We know for sure that Google trying to expand its language features isn’t something new. We saw the tech firm include around 24 new languages on Google Translate and has also allowed for voice typing of nearly 9 more African languages for its Gboard.

Similarly, we’ve got the news about how the search engine giant is working hard with various NGOs and different academic places for collecting audio samples related to different dialects present in the region.

A lot of other huge tech firms are creating mega language models. We saw in July how the company put forward a new AI model that’s dubbed, ‘No Language Left Behind’ and can end up translating over 200 different languages.

These new efforts by Meta were even put forward with the thought of adding content to communities that aren’t well represented across the web. Remember, the AI Model that Meta currently possesses translations for is around 55 different African languages. This is undoubtedly a huge advancement.

Remember, today, less than 25 African languages were getting support from a number of translation tools so having 55 is a major achievement.

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