Meta Says It Has Found The Perfect Way To Save Water At Its Data Centers

Meta has gone public with ways that it feels can assist in reducing water consumption.

The tech giant is stated to be utilizing unique techniques that incorporate the use of altering temperature conditions to help conserve as much water as possible.

The company plans on doing that by reducing wastage in key areas like its data centers. New strategies are being devised with the concept of using high temperatures but low humidity conditions.

The firm has even begun trials where it’s altering conditions above the usual norm and analyzing what difference that ends up making if any. This new plan is stated to be a part of its mission to turn into a water-positive company by the year 2030.

Meanwhile, Meta has also spoken about how keen it has become to limit the frequency at which water is used for tasks like backwashing and used to clean filtration systems.

More details were unveiled by the leading Facebook parent firm at a recent conference held in Houston, Texas. Moreover, a lot of its data centers are also engaged in tasks like water softening so keeping a check on things like this can really make a difference, it added.

So how exactly will the entire process work be a question on so many people’s minds? And that’s when it was announced that Meta is making use of pilot programs where half of the room is kept at normal or control conditions while the other half is linked to altering the temperature and humidity levels. In this way, a stark comparison may be drawn to distinguish the two ordeals.

While the company is yet to go public with its water consumption goals or targets, there are estimates of how it wishes to save millions of gallons by making small tweaks or changes. On average, it hopes to make savings that range between 10% to 60%.

In case you happen to be wondering why the firm’s data centers are being targeted amongst all others, well, the answer is simple. It’s linked to how such locations are responsible for using huge amounts of water over the course of one-year thanks to tasks like cloud hosting and more. Hence, even making small amendments could mean saying hello to huge savings.

Meta has always been at the forefront when it comes to protecting the environment. But it’s not the only tech giant known to do so. Others like Microsoft are keener on reducing carbon footprints.

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