Google Assistant Rolls Out New Support For Four Different Kid-Friendly Voices With Parental Control

Google is making its Assistant feature more oriented for kids, which includes providing more support for kid-friendly voices and different options for parental control.

The idea is to allow kids to be more open to things like friendly chats with Google’s assistant. It also wants parents to help select which services can be accessed by their little ones through the company’s Assistant. So as you can see, it’s the best of both worlds.

Google says this new kid-friendly voice on Google Assistant enables people to speak slower and in super expressive styles that assist storytelling and helps with comprehension too.

Kids get the chance to make the most of such voices by aiding the assistant to alter their voice so it’s more friendly across the board. 9to5Google has reported how such features come with super attractive and kid-friendly colorful titles. And that is what makes the whole process of altering an Assistant’s voice so much more fun and entertaining.

In addition to that, parents will now get the chance to select which types of Assistant devices can be accessed by the kids and which times of the day would be specific for that. For now, we know that these parental controls would be rolling out soon for Google’s Home application, the Google Assistant Application on iOS plus Android, and also on Family Link. So you can expect all of these changes to arise in the next few weeks.

Users are going to need Google Accounts via Family Link and Voice Match to better utilize such offerings.

The news of this feature being offered comes just a few weeks after the news broke out about Google sprucing the firm’s hardware division by keeping several resources far away from its own Assistant.

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