Google Rolls Out A New Set Of Changes To The Play Store And Here’s What To Expect

Google is in the process of rolling out a new array of changes on its Play Store. The company has spoken about how the changes are designed to help both users and developers in several ways.

The whole idea is to enhance app discovery while showcasing events in the store that may be up for grabs for a limited period of time. Moreover, it also offers a new set of formats and placements that protect apps from some of the riskiest and undiscovered attacks out there.

The news about these changes was published by Google today via their blog and it highlighted how users, as well as developers, would gain benefit from them.

For now, developers on the store can utilize features to promote their offers through the likes of LiveOps. And the search engine giant says such cards are very promising as they’ve got immense scope due to the fact that they can be placed in areas through which more users may be reached.

Likewise, the firm hopes to include a new array of support for different types of content through such cards and that’s why it’s adding ‘promotional content’ to the term LiveOps. Hence, you can see it as reflecting more ‘breadth of content’ as developers are known to submit.

As it is, promotional content can be attained through several means on the Play Store and the company is going to expand it to more and more developers soon.

On the other hand, Google is adding new customized options for its store listing, other than aiding developers in adding new users. This is designed to help users get more apps. This new feature is going for release by this year’s end so the whole idea is to allow developers to paint a new story to those whole has installed more games or applications.

The company is even on a mission to give back to its developers who are responsible for churning out apps of the highest quality on the Play Store so it’s more visible on the app. For this, it’s going to add some quality thresholds that assist developers in maximizing visibility across the platform. Any app meeting these stringent requirements will gain more priority over the other less quality enhanced features. The latter would even be removed from places like the Recommendations section so users may benefit as this is where most people turn to for great content engagement.

Some of the low-quality offerings will even add warnings on the store listing that aid users in making some of the most informed decisions.

Last but not least, Google is on a mission for expanding safety protocols and policies that provide developers with a more relaxing experience while scanning through the Google Play Store.

The firm plans to roll out a Play Integrity API that helps provide more security and protection against a flow of risky traffic. Similarly, it would guard apps against coming under attack in the same way.

Just a while back, the company added new time buffers for better ratings and also to attain more reviews on the platform so it could gain from similar benefits.

We’ll also be seeing the Play Store release a new array of programs to give developers some of the best communication and training facilities in regard to policies. There will similarly be more tests rolled out regarding support for direct phone and even strike removals.

This is definitely a huge deal for Google and it hopes its Play Store can be a more pleasurable experience for both users and developers across the board.

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