Elon Musk Says Activist Groups Tried To Kill Twitter So He Backtracked On Making A Content Moderation Council

The drama in the world of Twitter continues as billionaire Elon Musk backtracks on his plans to make a new content moderation council.

It was just a week back when Musk confirmed to the world that he would not be the one calling the shots in terms of allowing more people back on the app. He was seen mentioning how a decision would only be taken after a content moderation council stepped in and started to reinstate accounts on the app that had the ban label mentioned across them.

But then all of a sudden, we saw the likes of former US President Donald Trump come forward on the app after Musk allowed him to. Yes, his ban was removed after a poll mentioned that people wanted Trump back and within seconds, the decision was made.

So what exactly happened to that council that was supposed to come forward? Where did it go? Well, on Wednesday, Elon Musk revealed that a huge coalition of activist groups was present with the intention to kill Twitter. He sees them as on a mission to starve the app of revenue generated through the likes of advertising.

Therefore, he was not going to make that happen. According to him, they broke the contract and he was now going to bin the idea of having any content moderation council in place. But it’s very interesting as many feel that the new Twitter chief is trying hard to blame others for his own shortfalls and disasters on the app.

The poll he conducted showed a whopping majority of votes in favor of Trump’s account being reinstated. And now, we’re seeing another poll take center stage. This has to do with a question about what users felt about having all banned accounts reinstated.
But seeing Trump back on the platform is not being loved by so many individuals. Critics slammed the decision and called Musk’s shots senseless. At the same time, they revealed he failed the country’s democracy.

Critics are calling such polls garbage as they feel it should have no room on the app as they fail to take the current situation into consideration.

So is the world surprised that we’ve got a man that’s backtracking on his own words by putting forward actions that don’t make sense to the majority of others? Well, not exactly. He is Elon Musk and he’s known for such irrational decision-making.

Photo: Patrick Pleul/AP

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