Black Friday eCommerce websites scams started to take its place in November

We all love discounts, don’t we? While talking about discounts, how can we ignore the fact that Black Friday is one of the best seasons to enjoy shopping with regards to deals? But sadly, if you see any discounted offer taking place on any online shopping website that is too good to be true, avoid it by not pressing that buy button as you can fall into a scam resulting in the breaching of your personal information.

Cyber Security Specialists from Bitdefender have pulled out many types of online scams that are taking place online, probably the most famous and commonly used consists of phishing attacks in which a user surfing on the internet is attracted by these huge discounted offers that are too good to be true and upon the purchase of the desired item a user will end up giving his/her credit card information and that is not the only scenario that is used for targeting users like you and me, variety of gift card scams and survey scams seems to be underway too in which a user is promised to have a redeemable gift card from amazon, steam or any other popular platform, Worth approximately 1000$.

In terms of Survey, scams users are first told to complete the given task or answer some questions related to survey and upon the completion they can receive their reward by just paying the shipping cost of the reward that goes around approximately 5$. By doing this a user gives them access to his/her own private banking information which will be now used for their own good.

You are advised to avoid these types of offers which seems unreal and if the offer is claimed to be listed on any verified website and seems to be 100% legit. Try to manually search for that particular offer instead of clicking any malicious link provided directly. We all love to save money on buying any particular product but don’t fall for the offers that seems too good to be true, shop responsibly.

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