Elon Musk Boldly Declares In Court That He’s Not Keen On Being The CEO Of Any Firm

The billionaire is now the owner of Twitter but his shocking statements mentioned during a court appearance recently really had the world in a state of disbelief.

After firing Twitter’s CEO and top executives, not to mention reducing the workforce by half, he opted to be the firm’s CEO and Chief and is handling all the major decision-making himself. Yes, Musk is calling the shots for both Twitter and his other firm called Tesla.

After that, we saw the billionaire share how he felt the current arrangement in the Twitter firm is all temporary. He hopes to reduce his working hours in the company and hire another person to run all the day-to-day dealing in a timely and organized manner.

Both Musk and Tesla are caught up in a trial in the state of Delaware. This dates back to an incident in 2018 where a pay package announced by his firm ended up making him a billionaire and the world’s richest individual.

A shareholder has reportedly sued Elon Musk and Tesla and accused them of taking up a huge compensation that was not only so massive and seeing it be authorized by the board would result in such a huge breach of its own policy.

On that note, Musk was seen speaking about how it’s not correct to use the word CEO in this context. He fails to use that title when he is working at his firms and hence it does not represent the types of work he is busy in.

At SpaceX, he claims to be busy making rockets, and then at Tesla, he’s engaged in the technology linked to car production. He calls the shots and the engineers achieve the goals at hand. He also says that a great team of engineers is working for a great engineer and not just a CEO so his input is important and he sees things as one of them.

And then one of the attorneys asked Musk why he used 50 of his Tesla employees to assist with work at Twitter. To that, the billionaire says that he did it for a voluntary initiative and they were asked to work after hours. Moreover, no other board member from Tesla ended up calling him ever to mention the idea is not good and Musk repeated those statements in court that day.

Photographer: Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

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