8 Graphic Design Trends that Will Dominate 2023

We’re just days away from the year ending and saying hello to 2023 must be on many people’s minds.

If you happen to be interested in the world of graphic design, that means welcoming bigger and better trends. Here is a rundown of what to expect and we have to say, it’s all about innovation and creating the right impact at first glance.

Goodbye Still Images And Hello Motion Graphics

For starters, 2023 is all about bidding farewell to still images and saying hello to motion pictures. We know exactly how you feel about video content not being something new but it’s still trending, more now than ever. It’s apps like TikTok that have really made the audience engage with that sort of content and that’s why 2023 is going to focus a lot on this aspect.

AI-Powered Imagery Is Here To Stay

One thing we’ve learned this year is how AI-powered technology has dominated all algorithms of leading apps. This is why you can expect more of its presence in the world of graphic design next year. You can envision OpenAI’s next format up for grabs while seeing a rise in intelligent designs.

Send The Right Message With Bold Shapes

Time is of the essence and you’ve got one chance to make it right in terms of graphic design. This is why 2023 is going to be about making your message or brand stand out with bolder designs using shapes that are on your face. The main focus shouldn’t be distracted but your visual interest needs to be there.

Three-Dimensional Elements Will Fulfill All Shortcomings

2023 will have logos, webpages, and more that come with 3D elements that not only keep the viewer intrigued but can be seen bouncing around in places other than off the page. These renderings are not only simple to design but are sure to create the right impact in things like typography and the addition of characters.

Achieving The Inclusivity Target

2022 was all about movements that created an impact while promoting inclusivity. Hence, 2023 will see the world of graphic design promote such targets further by adding them to visuals. Remember, every brand is making the effort to strike a chord with the masses and it only makes sense to hit this target the right way in the world of design.

The World of VR Is Coming To Graphic Design

From headsets to the metaverse, 2022 was all about ideas that spoke highly of VR, and that being the future of connectivity makes it obvious that it’s going to be a major trend in graphic design too. Think along the lines of liquid gradients and the most immersive experiences taking center stage. It’s time to think outside the box and prove your point in a unique manner and VR design elements couldn’t be a better option in providing just that and more.

It’s All About Retro Color Illustrations

2022 saw so many vintage color trends take center stage and experts predict that the same would continue in 2023. It’s all about celebrating the revival of the ’90s era with brighter colors and unique idyllic imagery. Let’s not forget that sense of nostalgia that makes you come back for more.

Nailing The Art Of Visual Storytelling

As much as we adore minimalistic approaches in the world of design, nothing beats visual storytelling and the powerful impact it serves the viewer. And while the post-pandemic times may have focused a lot on minimalism, it’s time to get inspired with images that push boundaries and fill up empty spaces effectively.

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