Educational applications in European countries generated $220 million in revenue, up 14%

According to the latest report released by Sensor Tower’s State of Education Applications in Europe, the third quarter of the ongoing year ended with education applications available on different online platforms reaching a new growth level once again.

At the beginning of 2022, the install rate was slowing down; however, by the end of the ongoing year, the category had successfully grown by almost 4%, bringing in more users who were ready to pay for the application. It was observed that the number was higher in comparison to previous years.

During the first nine months of the ongoing year, the revenue generated by these applications was over $220 million in Europe alone. The figures went up by 14%. Duolingo topped the list as the app that generated the most revenue from the first quarter until the end of the third quarter. As it appears, Duolingo was responsible for 1/3 of the total amount spent on online educational services. Among the most used features of this application, the gamification features became most evident. It was observed that such services are getting famous in Europe, as many citizens from these countries have been spending over $550 per minute during the first nine months.

While Duolingo ruled the list, Google Classroom, on the other hand, did well too. It is believed that this application can go further in countries including Germany or France, areas from which the app didn’t receive much positive response.

These two countries were found to be among the top ten markets where educational applications were downloaded the most, including Google Meet and Google Drive until the third quarter came to an end.

The response received by these applications in such areas is one reason why it is believed that Google Meet can do much better to make its platform grow while being part of the global market. Based on the data shared by the research team, Spain topped the list of countries where Google Classroom was used the most, followed by the United Kingdom, and Italy was at number three.

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