Instagram is planning to offer a new aspect ratio setting

According to one of the latest tweets posted by Alessandro Paluzzi, a leaker and mobile developer, Meta-owned Instagram is planning to introduce a new setting on its platform. As per the screenshots, the new setting will offer an updated aspect ratio while updating the user profile. The new grid ratio will be 4:5 with a square border.

Though Alessandro talked about the feature still being in discussion, some lucky users have already gotten their hands on it. No official news or announcement has been made by Instagram officials, but it is believed that the upcoming settings will help users display their posted content in a more suitable ratio so it can be seen well by the followers, as the 4:5 ratio changes the angle at which the post is seen.

While posting, the user will be able to change their grid display to square by pulling the lever all the way down from the starting point. One of the users who replied to Alessandro’s story claimed that they received the new update very recently and that so far they are loving how it looks.

The aspect ratio is based on the image's width and height with a colon in the centre. In order to calculate the ratio, the width is divided by the height. The content to be posted does not need to be of restricted size. If the calculated ratio lies in the normal range, the ratio will work well for the image.

Lately, Instagram has been working on several areas to make things more accessible to its users by offering them features that give tough competition to its competitors and make the application more attractive to its users. The developers introduced Instagram reels, which are doing pretty well for the platform, following up on the BeReal-like feature that was announced very recently and a new interface that is being rolled out for the web version of the application.

As of now, based on the comments Alessandro received, it can be expected that the feature will soon be available globally, but since no official news has been shared, it could be possible that the announcement for the setting will be shared soon before global release.

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