TikTok Advised Parents To Talk About Online Safety With Their Young Children

TikTok has recently introduced a Family Paring feature on the platform, through which parents are allowed to monitor their children’s app usage activities.

Among TikTok’s stratospheric development, concerns have also been escalated regarding the app’s security, including the dangers of its harmful popular challenges, the accessibility of children to inappropriate video trends, DMs’ buzzard, and other issues. According to a set plan, these vulnerable methods are used to exploit the young generation in irrelevant actions. Many concerns have been raised by parents to safeguard their teens from the drastic effects of these rituals.

Concerning these consequences, TikTok has collaborated with ConnectSafely, an organization to educate people about the security of technologies, to examine how parents should start conversations with their teenagers regarding online safety, and what measures could be taken to increase transparency and participation around this particular subject.

TikTok commissioned YouGov for conducting a poll of more than 2,000 parents of children between the ages of 13 to 17 from the United States. This poll was conducted to explore how frequently parents are involved in the discussion of internet activities with their children, how familiar they are about safety issues, and what kind of safety precautions they use at home to restrict the disastrous effects of these activities. The findings show that about 78% of parents are fulfilling their responsibility of talking to their kids about online safety. Approximately, 61% of them talk when their children report a problem to their parents associated with online safety. And lastly, only 33% of parents communicate on a weekly basis with their children about the usage of social media sites and online platforms.

The findings further say that not all the parents were found comfortable discussing these topics with their kids, and many of them don’t know how to initiate these conversations correctly.

To resolve the communication gap between children and their parents, TikTok has announced a campaign in order to spread awareness of its new feature of Family Pairing and to encourage more conversation on taking several proactive measures to offer direction and assistance.

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