Apple Says iPhone 14 Users In The US And Canada Can Now Use Its Emergency SOS Via Satellite

Leading iPhone maker Apple has rolled out its Emergency SOS services via satellite for those users having the iPhone 14.

The feature is now currently available across the US and Canada. Moreover, the firm says such services can go on and expand to nations like Germany, Ireland, and even France by next month. And in case you’re still unaware of what it allows you to do, well, let’s give you a brief rundown.

The offering is giving users the chance to connect through emergency services when they don’t have any Wi-Fi in their area.

A recently published statement by Apple’s VP for Worldwide Marketing revealed how some famous spots to travel usually lack adequate cellphone coverage. And with the feature rolling out soon, iPhone devices can pick up signals along the way.

Apple adds how they’ve made use of the most breakthrough technology out there that gives users what they need during challenging times. But it’s only up for grabs in the iPhone 14 lineup for now.

When the feature gets activated, users receive a short survey that they need to answer. All responses are sent out to different dispatchers and the rest of the data is relayed such as location, battery, and altitude in the surrounding.

You can also use it side by side with a number of other features such as your Apple Watch and iPhone so there’s no interference whatsoever, the company explained.

The tech giant explained how satellites are now moving at a swift pace over the sky and they’ve got poor bandwidth too. To have such satellite features up for grabs, the company has really worked hard to design seamless forms of software and hardware that allow the feature to function without the added pain of heavy antennas.

In just 15 seconds, you can see devices receiving messages. And this has only been made possible thanks to the likes of compression algorithms that enhance the overall user experience. And in cases where you wish to experiment with various features, Apple has provided users with a demo that allows them to witness the experience first-hand.

Simply connect your device to any nearby satellite and watch the magic unfold. In the same way, this demo allows users to learn more details related to the process without the need to alert such services.

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