Apple will also benefit from Twitter’s latest verification service

Elon Musk, after taking over Twitter, has once again announced a controversial step he’ll be taking for the platform. According to his latest tweet, Twitter users can now get their accounts verified by paying $8 per month subscription charges. Though Musk believes it will help the company generate more revenue than what YouTube offers to its creators, Twitter won’t be the only company benefiting from this step.

Initially, blue ticks were reserved for famous personalities only, such as politicians, government officials, news agencies, or people of great importance, but now anyone with $8 in their pocket can get a verification blue tick right next to their username. What makes this controversial are the fake accounts that can be created, impersonating themselves as either politicians spreading misinformation or news agencies sharing false information.

Since the service is currently being tested on iOS, the analysts of Silicon Valley might have realized that the subscription fee will be paid through in-app purchases for Apple devices. As a result, Apple will deduct 30% from the total subscription amount. This means if $8 is charged for verification, Twitter will be getting $5.60, whereas the remaining $2.40 will be deducted by Apple every time anyone pays their subscription charges.

This is how Apple will also be getting benefits from Elon Musk’s new subscription feature.

The announcement was made earlier this week, and the testing for the feature has already started. $8 a month won’t just get a verification tick; the users will also be able to enjoy other new features, including a decreased number of advertisements and Twitter's algorithm placing them first. Users will also be able to post longer videos.

According to the new owner, he is finding ways through which Twitter can generate more revenue than ever. For this, the platform even laid off almost fifty percent of its workforce, calling it a step toward cost-cutting measures. In just a short amount of time, Elon Musk has gotten himself into more controversies since he took over Twitter. As told by those who have worked with him, Elon Musk is very unpredictable, so anything can be expected from him.

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