Elon Musk Announces More Changes For Twitter Including Permanent Bans And Fixing Twitter Search

Twitter’s new CEO is giving impersonators an open warning about the consequences of pretending like they’re someone else on the app. This includes a permanent ban.

Unless a particular user specifies they’re a parody account, they’re going to be held accountable for their actions, Twitter’s chief mentioned on Sunday through a tweet from his own account.

Musk also spoke about how no more warnings or suspensions would be provided to such individuals. Instead, they would be getting a permanent ban on the platform as Twitter makes way for a zero-tolerance policy.

The news comes as Twitter is allowing everyone and anyone to undergo verification on the app and so getting a blue tick will require you to prove your identity. And for those planning to change their user name on accounts, they’ll end up with a temporary loss of their blue ticks.

It’s quite obvious why this sort of news is coming at a time like right now when Twitter has introduced its blue subscription with added costs and features like the good old verified badge.

When Musk says something, he really does mean business. And that’s literally proven by the way he began his firing spree. He not only got rid of four top executives but the CEO too. And that was followed by reducing the workforce by half.

But other than that, Musk is also making plans to better the app’s search facility on the platform. As he acknowledged, the whole idea is related to fixing Twitter Search, and this he feels is a major priority at the moment. He hopes to turn it into something big.

This tweet went on to ring some major alarm bells and also a mega firestorm of recommendations. This entails the ability to include attachments for tweets that are restricted to the likes of links or even citations. He also hopes to include the advanced search feature in the Twitter app too.

Twitter’s top leads are tweeting how it’s one of the only ways to power search and it’s been messed up for a while now. Therefore, it’s now high time that the company got its act together in this regard.

In addition to that, Twitter was seen marketing the launch of its good old paid subscription which comprises a Blue Tick. This further authenticates users in the Apple App Store. Next up, the company hopes to bring the service to Android users where all must pay $8 for verification.

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