Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos All Set To Donate Most Of His Wealth To Charity During His Lifetime

Jeff Bezos who is the founder and ex-chief of Amazon has reportedly mentioned how keen he is to give back to society.

He is the latest Tech CEO who is now focusing a lot more on philanthropy than anything else and hence wants to be known for it too.

Speaking to CNN recently for his latest interview, Bezos says he hopes to donate most of his net worth back to the community, especially those charitable causes that he feels are the most deserving.

Most of the funds will end up being donated to causes like Climate Change or those uniting for the sake of humanity. Not a lot of details were shared by the billionaire in this regard but he is very keen on building the capacity with his partner to give to charity and make massive gains in the world of investments.

Right before this massive revelation, we saw Bezos set out $100 million in donations to the famous singer and literacy enthusiast Dolly Parton. Moreover, the executive had even pledged a massive $10 billion over the span of 10 years to the Bezos Earth Fund. This was reportedly aimed to make way for more solutions in terms of climate change. As it is, his former wife did give away $4 billion to various firms in the recent past.

In case you are wondering, this particular strategy was displayed by billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. He was also very family to make donations to various charities and some scientific research. He and his ex-wife find have a foundation together called the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They even began the famous Giving Pledge initiative with the likes of Warren Buffett. The aim here was to donate funds for some great charitable causes.

In the year 2015, we saw Meta’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg pledge to let go of 99% of his firm’s shares. At that time, it was worth nearly $45 billion and it was going to be allocated to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative with it being signed in the year 2010. And while Bezos is yet to sign the ordeal, his recent decision of letting his funds go might as well be a signal of what he hopes to achieve next.

Just like other tech CEOs in the industry that are known to let go of huge donations, Bezos is facing plenty of criticism in terms of the legacy that he would one day leave behind.

In case you didn’t know, Amazon has time after time fought for matters like Climate legislation. It even saw emissions rise in the year 2021 and that was without emissions peaking in the year 2021. This all took place without a massive commitment arising to reduce its effects on the environment.

Bezos was also seen arguing about how his firm really needs to enhance the working conditions of those members enrolled in its workforce. Despite such major claims, it was shocking to see how many issues like its warehouse working environment emerged, right under his nose.

Other questions on so many critics' minds are linked to why the billionaire had waited for so long to make this mega donation. Yes, he’s made plenty of pledges for charity, and we’ve seen him lay out funds for different side projects as well. And if you ask the experts, they haven’t done a lot in terms of making some major advancements in humanity, Let’s take the initiative to send out rich individuals into the world of space for instance using the Blue Origin spacecraft.

Now, the news is being looked upon as a way for Bezos to clear out his name and reputation by donating a significant portion of his wealth during his lifetime.

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