Apple Is Pushing Ahead With Its Mixed-Reality Endeavors As It Seeks More Workers In The Domain

While we may have heard of tech giant Apple trying its best to make the most of the current economic uncertainty, a report by Bloomberg is shedding light on another new aspect worth a mention.

Despite the drastic situation, Apple is trying to move ahead in the world of mixed reality and its related projects. Moreover, we’re seeing the leading iPhone maker seek more workers to fill such designated roles in the world of AR and VR. Common examples include job positions for an engineer in the UI Frameworks division that is located in London.

A recent job description for the post was shared that outlined the specific duties needed to put ahead the next generation of users’ interactive experiences so as to better enhance its platform. Apple added how such individuals would be working with the best technology including AR, VR, CV, and machine learning.

A lot of people would drive exploration that would end up delighting and inspiring millions of individuals on the Apple platform.

Other than that, we heard another report from Bloomberg mention that Apple is looking for a software producer that has great knowledge in the world of visual effects and gaming to develop similar models in AR and VR. Some listings would mean Apple would be creating video services that use headsets and entail 3D content that can be played in a VR environment.

For a while now, we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors linked to Apple working on its own headset. And the dates for production may begin as early as next year. But with a staggering price of nearly $2000, you can only imagine people’s response in times of inflation and economic instability.

There is no definitive explanation regarding what Apple will be offering while Meta wishes to develop an entire metaverse. Apple is keener on targeting the real world and not like Meta’s vision of a new replacement for it.

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