Apple CEO Confirms The Firm Has Slowed Down Hiring While Giving More Insights In New Interview

Apple’s CEO has confirmed that the firm is slowing down the pace of its hiring.

Tim Cook joined a recent interview for CBS News where he provided his point of view that spoke about reducing the hiring pace while shedding light on some controversial in-person rules at the workplace.

In July when the top tech giant released its earnings call for Q3, Cook says that Apple was in the phase of still hiring but not to the extent that was visible in the past and it was more or less on a deliberate basis. Right after that, we saw several reports get released by the likes of both Insider and Bloomberg. They claim the top iPhone maker is reducing hires while in the phase of bringing down its budget for the upcoming new year.

A recent interview was conducted by CBS News and it was partially aired during the morning hours on Monday. This is where the CEO says that hiring won’t be seen taking place at all places across the firm.

Cook says that Apple is being very picky and choosy and is working in a very deliberate manner to grab a hold of its hiring. So it would be hiring but it won’t be seen at all places in the firm. They claim to have great faith in investments that lead to prosperity.

On the other hand, Apple’s CEO says that in-person collaborations are key and they lead to innovation and new idea generation. Cook found it shocking to mention how the firm’s workers aren’t present five days a week and days such as Fridays appear as complete ghost towns.

Apple has always held the motto of uniting together for work and bringing out the best of each other’s talent. So what you end up with is a bigger and better idea than what many began with.

The high-profile interview is all set for a release tomorrow including a small discussion on the world of innovative technology.

As you can tell, Apple’s approach in terms of hiring is remarkably different from what other firms are putting forward. Yes, it was Meta that recently laid off 11,000 workers as the firm’s advertising was in ruins and the current economy is not making it easier on anyone, that’s for sure. But other leading tech firms have followed in Twitter’s footsteps and decided to lay off so many members of the workforce.

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