YouTube Launches ‘Handles’ As The Ultimate Way For Creators To Identify Their Channels

YouTube has launched a new feature called handles that are designed as a great way for creators to get better accustomed to their channels.

The company mentioned how the feature is all about creators using username formats to better interact with users on a number of different offerings through the platform. This could be Shorts, channels, comments, descriptions for videos, and so much more.

Moreover, these handles are designed to be for everyone on the app and you won’t be required to be a creator of a high caliber or one needing thousands of followers to avail of the benefits. Hence, each user will have their own handle to work with, the app has confirmed.

As you already know, both handles, as well as usernames, are a common sight to behold in the world of social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram- the list of apps that use the feature is unlimited. But for a while now, we saw YouTube offer such limited support for the ordeal recently.

This would better enable creators to put out their channels in the form of video titles and little descriptions that support such a format. And in the end, the creators would mention the channels listed across the video format for support.

In the past, we didn’t see such widespread use of the feature. But now, it’s a whole new ballgame, thanks to the @ symbol.

If you wished to tag a particular user before, you would need to reply to the comment belonging to another user so you could tag them.

Seeing the platform venture into another completely different category that’s more or less similar to TikTok is refreshing. Remember, TikTok is doing great in terms of engagement and performance. So a little inspiration wasn’t going to hurt anyone, right?
YouTube mentioned that these new handles are now going to come forward on a series of different places like Shorts and channels. They’ll be released for everyone and can be recognized quickly through the app.

With time, we’ll see the support for such handles be launched quickly, as early as next week. The whole idea is to protect creators from having channel names taken by another. Moreover, the app has called out the timing for such a feature to be very particular. It’s at a time when creators can gain access to this feature first.

Once a handle is up and running, YouTube will work hard to ensure there’s a URL that matches in place. This will then make sure the creator can market their handle in other places seen on the web or across various media channels.

In case a channel has that particular URL in place, there is no need for another update to come its way. This URL will be seen redirecting the user to another handle that’s based on this URL.

So as you can see, everyone present on the app will get the chance to take on a handle of choice at some point in time. Therefore, creators on the platform need to be vigilant and search for notifications that arrive by next month.

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