YouTube’s Biggest Star Outlines The Steps He Takes To Ensure His Viral Success

If you happen to be a fan of the app YouTube and wondered what it takes to ensure viral success and great earnings, this might be your lucky day.

MrBeast is undoubtedly the app’s biggest content creator and he’s got a massive fan following of nearly 105 million subscribers. People simply can’t get enough of him and the app couldn’t be more grateful for the sort of engagement he brings forward with his content.

But really what is it that has people in awe? How does he really drive those views? Thankfully, we were able to grab a hold of his golden tips at this year’s famous VidSummit conference. And that’s where he really went deep into the strategy or master plan at stake.

The man who many call MrBeast is actually named Jimmy Donaldson and currently, he’s ranked as the top performer on the app. Moreover, he’s got a good 19 types of channels on the app that really are diverse in terms of their theme.

Think along the lines of gaming and charity work to content that’s featured in all sorts of languages like Japanese, French, and Spanish too. His main channel features a couple of viral videos that revolve around popular themes.

For instance, the video that shows him making an attempt at recreating the famous Squid Game challenge managed to receive about 290 million views. And then there’s a video featuring him trying to be buried alive. This one got about 195 million views. Lastly, there’s a video featuring him spending almost 50 long hours in a solitary location. This received up to 194 million views.

So as you can see, there’s plenty of variety for everyone out there. But how exactly did he receive this category of success is a question on so many people’s minds.

See, it’s not just the type of theme in question that has people coming back for more. It’s state-of-the-art imagery and captivating video content.

Speaking at the conference, MrBeast shed light on his strategy of using iconic thumbnails which really is something that his backend team can’t get enough of. It’s like they’re obsessed on a whole new level.

On the other hand, in terms of what is done when they’re not performing too well, and if changing thumbnails of videos actually makes a difference were some other topics worth a discussion.

This is the point where MrBeast says that many people are already aware that when the clicks and views aren’t coming in at the pace that you’d like to witness, it’s time to alter the strategy. And changing thumbnails is a great way to move ahead. Obviously, the more clicks you get, the better the CTR and the more revenue generated.

However, there are definitely some individuals out there that may take that on a little too aggressively. They may be swapping up thumbnails by the hour and that’s not ok. You must learn to provide a little time for the video to perform.

As far as their exact strategy is concerned, they’re willing to wait for nearly seven days before they consider putting up a video and trying out a new thumbnail, in case the clicks are lower than expected. However, he did feel that was not the only cure for the issue.

There are some not-so-great days where the idea in your mind isn’t executed well at all or it’s not planned well. MrBeast claims that he and his team really sit down and draw out a strategy regarding the thumbnail before they put out a video.

During the conference, the host put up an example of how the creator actually sent his team 20 different thumbnail types for his content. They were all discussed in detail before actually making the final decision. It’s like playing around with it and asking friends and acquaintances which one they feel is the best. The majority wins but he says not everyone needs to go to such extremes and be so obsessive over the factor.

So it’s clear that a great thumbnail goes a long way, not to mention the emphasis on clear focus, and bright hues that just make things so attractive. And in terms of being the center of attention, the creator likes to be it.

H/T: Insider.

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