YouTube Is Adding New Insights In The Form Of Data Stories For Its Userbase

YouTube is further bolstering Insights for its Community with the introduction of Data Stories to its interface.

Keeping an eye out for one’s analytics and growth is honestly a little bit of a hassle (at minimum). It’s also mildly anxiety-inducing since analytic hunting is essentially just giving far too much time to noting down all the ways that you as an individual may or may not have gained attention over time. It’s even sort of unhealthy for an individual, and while I understand that this is just business for the average influencer and content creator on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, it still has to be mentally and emotionally draining to put so much effort into literally calculating one’s online worth. In such regards, this new feature might honestly be for the best, in that it at least reduces the amount of mental effort one needs to be into their analytics charting. This is where the newly introduced Data Stories come into play.

Data Stories are simply stories that feature analytics regarding your channel and its growth. These are automatically calculated by AI, are compiled into Stories, and are sent over for a YouTuber to assess at their leisure. Currently, these Stories have four individual facets to them: audience, content, monetization, and YouTube. All of these define metrics that Data Stories calculate and present to the user. The audience, for example, will provide users with numbers on how much their viewers have grown, and how many are returning individuals. YouTube, on the other hand, will keep throwing useful tips at users about how their channel shows are run, i.e. thumbnail ideas, caption ideas, and so on. Content and monetization seem obvious enough, but to be further clear they refer to a YouTuber’s output and its reception (for the former), and how much they’re earning (for the latter).

Data Stories isn’t widely available currently, as they’re a test feature. Only certain select users (influencers) can access the feature and utilize it as they wish. As these stories get into the hands of a larger user base, we’ll have a better understanding of the sort of content that they feature and how useful it ultimately is.

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