TikTok Performance Statistics For 2022

TikTok’s launch back in the day was revolutionary for the social media scene as it shaped how video marketing was approached by brands and influencers alike.

TikTok’s success and growth had a massive influence on other platforms’ development as well - being the main inspiration for integrating Reels on Instagram and Shorts on YouTube.

However, despite TikTok’s huge popularity among many audiences - especially within Gen Z’- brands are still pretty hesitant to take a leap of faith and jump on TikTok with a well-defined strategy.

Since digital marketers’ most powerful ally when making business decisions is data, here are some TikTok performance statistics dug up by SocialInsider and Wave. video that will help decide whether or not leveraging TikTok should be a priority in 2022.

1. TikTok has an average watch rate of 16.23%

The average watch rate is probably the most important metric digital marketers should oversee when analyzing their video content’s performance, as it shows how many users watch a profile’s videos.

With TikTok being a rather special social network that displays content based on interest rather than followed accounts, it’s imperative for businesses to figure out how their content is revealed to TikTok users.

Understanding how the TikTok algorithm works is the first step toward creating better-performing content, while numbers and stats stand as an equally powerful ally for optimization.

While data has revealed that TikTok’s watch rate stands at an average of 16.23%, it’s also worth mentioning that TikTok seems to be a helpful network, especially for smaller businesses - that even without a huge marketing budget, can stand out thanks to creative and authentic concepts.

TikTok Performance Statistics For 2022

As for tips and tricks that can help marketers and creators alike gain more brand awareness using TikTok, Wave Wild - a TikTok marketing expert, offers a great starting point:
“Start incorporating SEO into your TikTok marketing strategy. It's been found that more users are searching for specific content and are more likely to purchase when looking for solutions to a problem. TikTok pulls data from your caption space, hashtags, and text in video and audio. Use keywords and hashtags that relate to the problems or solutions your product or service solves to rank higher in search results.”

2. Posting frequency: on TikTok, an account publishes an average of 20 videos per month

Probably any social media manager is familiar with the 7 rule of marketing, which states that a possible consumer usually considers purchasing from a company after at least 7 interactions with that particular brand.

This is a process in which - through consistency and creativity - social media can play a very important part, as it facilitates a deeper connection between a brand and its customers, leading to prolonged brand loyalty.

On TikTok, just like on any other social network, consistency is one of the key elements of success.

While TikTok is still a very new network, many businesses are up today testing the waters to discover whether or not this platform is the missing piece of a successful social media strategy.

To show some light on that, data reveals some breakthrough insights - exposing that a TikTok account posts 20 videos per month on average, while the posting frequency is on an ascending path, emphasizing the network’s positive ROI.

[STUDY] TikTok Benchmarks: Performance Data and Stats Based on the Analysis Of 616,409 TikTok Videos

3. When including a mention, a TikTok video gets a higher watch rate

Analyzing some of the most popular TikTok accounts has indicated that one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book - appealing to endorsement - still does its job and proves to have an evident impact on TikTok - on gaining brand awareness and trust.

With TikTok’s launch of exclusive features like Stitch or Duets, which gain more and more attention and fans, it’s safe to say that TikTok has taken social media collaborations to the next level.

However - mentions - probably the oldest way of marking a collaboration in social media - is still a very common and quite effective tactic as well.

When looking at some of the most successful TikTok profiles, in an attempt to discover the recipe behind a thriving TikTok marketing strategy, a couple of approaches stand out.

According to various experts, as highlighted earlier, some of the secrets that lead to tremendous TikTok success these days are having an SEO-oriented copywriting strategy and keeping the captions short and catchy.

While speaking about captions and collabs, there’s one more noteworthy insight revealed by the previously named TikTok performance study - that TikTok videos, including a mention, perform better in terms of viewership compared to those without.


For marketers and brands that have just begun their TikTok marketing journey or started doing so, surely these TikTok statistics and insights make a great start for gaining a deeper understanding of the platform and some experiments.

However, what should not be overlooked is that regardless of the content angle taken, it’s recommended - for any brand - to show its human side.

With the TikTok audience looking for and appreciating authenticity above all else, this is, by far, the core element around which every brand’s TikTok strategy should be built.

Adding up to this is also the importance of creating TikTok-specific tailored content.

Since this platform makes for such a different network than all the other ones, it’s imperative for businesses to step out of the line of their regular social media pattern and dedicate time to creating native and exclusive TikTok content if they want to step out from the crowd.

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