You Won't Have To Deal With Spam SMS And Calls On Mozilla Anymore Because Of Its Latest Feature Called Firefox Relay

Whenever there's a new way of communication, the spammers are all set to spam you with unnecessary and unwanted things. Firefox Relay, a service by Mozilla, is made exclusively to keep all those spammers at bay. Firefox Relay helps you protect your contact information through your email and you stay protected from all the spam happening on your account. Now the Firefox Relay is getting updated and now you will be able to protect your phone number from spam SMS and calls.

Firefox Relay has named this feature Phone Number Masking and it works similarly to email aliases. When you upgr.l,kmjnade your system and can use this feature, you will get a phone number alias that you share. This phone number will let you reply to the message you have received and that's only when there's a need for confirmation texts.

When this service is activated on your account, you will get 50 minutes of calls on the alias number and would have the capacity to receive about 75 text messages. If somehow this limit is exceeded, you will not be able to make further calls or type more text messages until the next billing cycle starts. One thing that most users find troublesome on Firefox Relay is that it will only enable you to generate only one alias number and it won't get changed once you have already generated a number.

Looking at the bright side, your phone number masking will have the same plans as the unlimited email masking standard. Unfortunately, this service is only available in the US and Canada right now. Now talking about billing, Firefox Relay charges a total of $4 a month if you are on a yearly subscription and charges $5 if you are on a monthly subscription. Mozilla promises that it is working on adding support to outgoing calls, SMS, and other things soon. Even though all of these features are amazing, you still have to pay a price for them. If you are not willing to pay some amount, you can check Google Voice which has almost the same functions as Firefox Relay but doesn't charge anything for it.

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