The New Update In Microsoft Edge Contain Edge Workspaces And New Security And Accessibility Features

In April 2021, we got the news that Microsoft Edge will introduce its new feature called Workspaces. In this feature, the user can rename a window and save all the tabs that are opened on it for later use. Some people say that it is similar to Collections but it's not true. In Workspaces, the user can open a separate window every time so he can focus on a specific window at one time. Users can also browse through working and open the window again from where they left it off. Last year, Workspaces was in its working trials and users were anticipating its release. Now the good news is that Microsoft is all ready to release Edge Workspaces soon.

In its 2022 conference, Microsoft has asked its IT admins and organizations to review Edge Workspaces thoroughly so it can prepare its release. The main benefit of Workspaces is that multiple people can work on the same window using a link where they will find relevant information about their task. Before Workspaces, it wasn't possible and the people working on the same task had to open many tabs in a window. As many people are interested in this feature, Microsoft has opened up the sign-in for Edge Workspaces.

One thing that everyone should be reminded of is that Microsoft has added new Security Features on Edge. These enhanced security features are surely going to benefit IT professionals. These features were available to certain parties months ago but now anyone having a Microsoft Edge account will access these features. Another feature that Microsoft has introduced in Edge is built-in protection against typosquatting.

In the accessibility updates, the users will have the following features on the accessibility front: Live Captions, Instant Answers, and a narrator with an accurate navigation experience. Microsoft is doing everything to attract new users and make old ones stay. Users can also preview page colors that Microsoft has introduced to manage readability and contrast on the page. More updates are about to come. So stay tuned.

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