Soon You Will Be Able To See How Many People Watch Shows On Netflix In the UK

In the upcoming weeks, Netflix will allow people to see how many British people come together to watch shows on Netflix. Netflix wasn't allowing anyone to monitor the number of people watching shows but now it has given a nod of approval to a British Rating Agency, Barb, which will publish the number of people watching a show on Netflix in the UK. If we talk about statistics, we know that 13 million British people watched the finale of BBC's Line of Duty and about 31 Million people were watching the Euro Cup 2020 in the UK. Netflix doesn't record the number of people watching shows like Squid Game or Stranger Things but now we will be able to know how many people in the UK tuned in for season 5 of The Crown.

A study showed that about two-thirds of the British television viewing public use Netflix which is about 8% of the total television viewing in the UK, which makes it larger than famous British channels like Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky. But Netflix is still far behind BBC and ITV.

According to Netflix co-chief executive, Reed Hastings, this new allowance was because of a promise he made to the British Television Industry. He said he is working closely with Barb and trusts him enough that he will make an accurate measurement of British people's television viewing habits.

BBC's former head of television strategy, Becky Marvell, said that many British broadcasters are not competing with anything because there isn't much to watch nowadays. She also pointed out that due to Netflix's no view count policy, many creators hesitate to work with it for their shows.

Netflix said that since the views will be released for shows, people will take an interest, and this way they will find out more options to watch. Netflix always tends to release specific data about some specific shows when it benefits them. Many people say that Netflix does not release its viewer numbers because it doesn't want users to see how much some show with a large investment flops. But now everything will be clear because Netflix has taken up to £1.4 billion in revenue from the UK in 2022 alone. Netflix subscription is also on the decline so it is going to introduce a cheaper subscription that will contain ads. Let's see how all of this goes for Netflix.


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