WhatsApp Is Going To Add Another Feature In The App That Will Display A Label After The Message Is Edited

WhatsApp is adding different updates left and right to help the users engage with the app more easily. Now, the latest update in WhatsApp is going to add a label on chat that will show if the messages have been edited. This information was reported by WAbetainfo which always shares the latest news about WhatsApp updates. WhatsApp hasn't told the exact date on which this feature will be released but speculations are that the Editing Message Feature will be in the next WhatsApp update.

WABetainfo reported last month that WhatsApp is working on letting users edit the messages after they have sent them. Now Whatsapp has another feature that will show the message receiver that the sender has edited the message. This will be shown by adding an 'edited' badge on the edited message.

But that's not where it will end. WhatsApp will give you only 15 minutes to edit the mistake in your message. It will be a bit frustrating just like-m the deleted message button that used to give users 15 minutes to delete the message. WhatsApp has now updated its time to 42 hours.

But this also depends if the user has turned on his device at the given time or not. What we know for sure is that this update is still under development and WhatsApp hasn't said anything about its release. Maybe WhatsApp will have more modifications to this update and make changes according to the demands of the users. Many other updates are also rolling out and we all are anticipating their release. Now we all have to wait for WhatsApp Beta For Android Version It will tell us what updates we have got and which ones we have to wait for in the next version.

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