Google Chrome About to Release a New Update That Will Leave Users Contented

App researcher Leopeva64 claims that Google is working on its Chrome browser to make it even better for its users. According to many researchers, working hours productivity declines because of many reasons, and among those reasons, hefty RAM consumption tops the list.

RAM usage without any proper calculation is the biggest problem for various browsers. Hence, Google is attempting to resolve this issue and capture a vast target market. According to the latest news, Google is working on the performance metrics of Google Chrome.

Now, with the latest updates, users will able to track RAM usage and battery usage by different apps they are using within Google Chrome. Apart from its main competitor, Microsoft Edge, Chrome will be displaying the exact amount of RAM and battery health used by any of the running websites.

In the updated versions of Google Chrome, users will be able to see a button on their browser that will indicate the amount of memory used by a certain website/tabs. This will help users effectively figure out which apps are draining an excess amount of RAM and which apps to use at which time.

Currently, the following features and updates for Google Chrome are still in progress. Google aims to provide a better, more effective, and more efficient user experience apart from its competitors such as Microsoft Edge, and Opera Browsers.

The updates are still missing several features as per reports. In the final version after release, the users will be also able to switch on and off memory savers on various pages they are using. With this extensive feature, it will be an added comfort for many users as it will increase their chances of productivity.

Also, according to some sources, Google will be working towards the finest efficiency modes and anti-energy consumption metrics that will serve as an added comfort and productive zone for an ample number of users.

To conclude, through these launches, the tech giant Google is trying to capture a targeted market with a better competitive advantage as compared to many other competitors. With high hopes and through this 'RAM Saving Strategy', Google aims for a better position and customer equity in the market.

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