Latest Updates for WhatsApp Users: Status Response & App Sidebar for Beta Windows & Business Tools Tab on Beta Android

Recently, the communication giant WhatsApp released various updates that might leave its users in complete awe.

With the growing number of WhatsApp users, the messaging platform looks forward to multiple updates for its Android users as well as Windows users that might be beneficial for both the company and its users.

One of the updates the company focuses on is the status response and app sidebar for its Windows beta users, reports WBI. This update is available on Windows beta 2.2240.1.0. In the following update, the users can respond to status updates with an emoji. The following feature is already available on various operating systems.

With this update, Windows beta users can only reply to WhatsApp statuses with a different set of available emojis. Updating status or deleting status updates is still not available for this update. Besides this, in the latest update, a sidebar also shows up where the users can easily access settings, profiles, and status updates.

This update can be beneficial for the users as they will be presented with extra features on WhatsApp for windows. This update is still under testing and review by the team. Various beta testers have tested this update with different conclusions. After being successfully tested by the beta testers, the updated WhatsApp version will be officially available to the Microsoft stores.

Another recent update WhatsApp released is the launch of the business tools tab on Android beta.

For the past years, WhatsApp Business has been performing brilliantly and has captured an amply targeted market either for business owners or customers. Launching the following update for the users can be an intelligent step for the communication giant.

In the updated version of WhatsApp Business beta, the 'business tool' icon replaces the old-fashioned camera icon. The following replacement can be a treat for business users of WhatsApp. With this update, businesses can easily reach out to various business tools without opening WhatsApp settings.

The business tools provide many options for the business users of WhatsApp. With this updated feature it will be easily accessible for users to switch to business tools without going to WhatsApp settings every time.

The following update is specially designed for the ease of WhatsApp Business users. Furthermore, anybody with the WhatsApp Business Beta’s updated version can access this update.

This update is compatible with Android version Besides this, it is still under testing and review by various testers. Various beta testers have tested this update with different results, and once it is ready to use, it will be released officially for installation.

To conclude, currently there are a total of 2 billion WhatsApp users. Any update from the communication giant can be a question mark for the entire team. But just like other businesses, the company focuses on the competitive market and the advantages of both sides with high hopes.

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