Video Sharing App TikTok Has Embraced Rapid Success, Claims New Study

In today’s day and age of digital uprising, social media reigns supreme. Moreover, it’s no wonder why we’re seeing so many social networks pop up and gain success in such a short span of time.

But if we had to pick out one platform that really has outdone all others in terms of performance, popularity, and innovation - TikTok would win hands down.

The platform has seen a widespread era of success in literally no time. It’s almost as if the app was designed to succeed.

Today, the number of active users on major social media app is close to 4.6 billion and if you want to put that into better perspective, well, it’s nearly 60% of the global population out there. And experts claim this figure is most definitely going to rise to about 6 billion in 2027, as suggested by figures projected from Statista Advertising & Media Outlook.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that TikTok does stand out from the huge crowd of archrivals and competition in today’s time. The rate at which growth occurs is really extraordinary.

Between the years 2018 to 2022, we saw the app gain immense popularity with nearly 340 million members yearly.

The moment it struck the billion mark for active users happened to be the same time that we all saw a huge spark in the digital world, thanks to the pandemic.

It was a massive digital bloom and that’s when TikTok had overtaken Instagram in terms of user figures in 2021. Now, estimated projections for user rates will reportedly increase to nearly 2 billion in 2024. This is a time when the growth projected will probably see a decline. Who knows, by that time we might be seeing a new uprising star take its place in the social media world.

But it’s fascinating to see how Facebook is still predicted to be the biggest social network of all time. Today, it’s got nearly 2.6 billion users that have active accounts. And these figures are for the year 2022. Moreover, we’ll be seeing these projections grow to nearly 3 billion in the year 2025.

So yes, Meta may have had a tough year with Facebook. And the latter may have experienced some tough times in the recent past too. But it’s still predicted to go strong as proved by Statistica’s recent research.

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