Snapchat rolls out a new feature for virtual try-on and buying Halloween dresses

This Halloween is going to be thrilling and spellbinding as Snapchat decided to roll out a new feature to enable people to virtually try on dresses and then buy the same outfit by clicking on the link. Halloween has become more enthralling, with people waiting patiently for a new feature to launch.

Snapchat has introduced a new feature with the help of the AR effect to let the operators try on different dresses according to their moods and choice. After choosing the dress of your choice, you can easily purchase the same outfit that you’ve virtually tried.

To test the new feature, open the app and use a full body scan from Snapchat to try on the augmented reality costume. After trying on the dress, you will be able to have access to the link beneath the scan body image from where you can easily make a purchase of that dress.

Snapchat has released a statement saying that from now on, operators can try on dresses, a quirky way to get up to date with your favorite costume and share it with friends and family. It is an easy way to find a dress from your favorite tv show and movies and to imitate your favorite celebrity. These days’ people are intrigued to follow a stranger things theme, especially after the popularity of the “running up that hill” scene.

Furthermore, to ease the whole process of buying the outfit, Snapchat makes sure that the AR purchasing process is available in the Disguise profile in the app. Snapchat partnership with Disguise Costumes made the whole method easier. Now Snapchatters have only to search for their preferred movie characters or TV shows to buy a costume or click on the option of Disguise Costume.

Snapchat has been playing around with the feature for a long time to test out a variety of things and release a version of the app that is significantly more advanced. Because Halloween is synonymous with trendsetting reels and showcasing the best costumes, augmented reality has astonished many people. In the end, this feature will let everyone, not just influencers, get their hands on their favorite costume. Additionally, this will make it possible for more people to go on a shopping spree.

As part of its campaign to attract as many users as possible, Snapchat is currently working on expanding its shopping options. Other campaigners will be able to take the same approach because the campaign will highlight the advantage of the augmented reality feature. Halloween's success will be able to retail AR potential for other people and benefits the company by involving operators.

80% of users are planning to use the AR effect this Halloween because shopping is deemed to be the main reason for using AR. Ipsos said that people get more excited when it comes to shopping and buying the outfit of their choice. It is the number one reason for many users to test AR body scans and the right way to promote AR for future endeavors.

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