Google Meet Launches Automated Transcripts For User Meetings

Google was recently seen launching an array of new updates in regard to its Workspace. One of them had to do with Google Meet. And this time around, it appears to be on a mission to assist those scribes that are usually delegated with the task to record meetings.

Think along the lines of users receiving automated transcript versions of their meetings through Google Docs. As it is, users are provided with the chance to save their Google Meet calls in the form of video files.

Now, however, they’ll be getting the transcript version too, as recently confirmed by the company. The rollout will begin this week and all transcripts generated will be in the English language.

On the other hand, support for the feature will soon be arriving in various languages by next year. This includes the likes of German, French, Spanish, and even Portuguese. And the news comes at a time when the app is conducting an expansion for its live translated captions linked to different languages.

There is also some news that by the end of the month, the company is going to launch another feature that enables users of a particular meeting to be automatically entered into the center video tile frame of their meetings. This would be taking place right before the participants join the meeting’s call.

Also, any member could then be allowed to frame themselves in a manual manner at any point during the meeting. Other than that, Google says it’s going to launch a few other interesting functionalities for the Meet app but those are scheduled for arrival in the earlier part of 2023.

One of them has to do with ‘meeting room check-ins’. This enables all participants to get a birds-eye view of members taking part in the meeting. We personally feel such an update is long overdue and should have been launched way back in time.

There will also be a feature that portrays the names of participants that could be joining the video meeting call from the same physical location such as a conference room.

In the same way, we’ve got news about how the Companion Mode for second-screen is going to go above and beyond the internet. Things like Google Meet and Nest Hub Max’s hardware will soon get updated for mobiles too.

Some cases talk about innovative launches like the ability to raise your hands in a virtual manner for any meeting. You can do so for the purpose of chats, asking questions, and more through your phone while being on the phone call via another device such as a computer or a tablet.

In other places, we are soon going to witness Google spread its wings in terms of support for inline threaded chats through the Google Chat app that begins rolling out as early as this month. Hence, it’s going to take on the offerings provided by platforms like Slack where customized emojis rule the day. But this feature would arrive by the end of this year.

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