Twitter is now bringing videos to the main feed and the internet is not happy

Reels and shorts are all that we are seeing these days on multiple platforms whether it be reels on Facebook and Instagram or Shorts on YouTube and now it looks like Twitter is jumping on the bandwagon as well.

Twitter recently brought Instagram-like reels to its feed and users are not happy. The unlimited scrolling that can be done on Instagram in the form of reels now can be done on Twitter as well but for iOS only. This feature could be found in the explore section of the app like it is in Insta.

But, that has become a thing of the past because according to Taylor Lorenz who writes tech columns for the Washington Post, Twitter is now forcing reel-like videos to the main feed. She posted a screenshot that featured reel-like videos on the main feed like one of the people and topics that one follows under the heading of Suggested Videos.

Now this move of Twitter was very unappreciated because it felt like the feature was being forced upon the users and it was taking away the authenticity of the app and its uniqueness by being a blatant copy of TikTok who started this whole full-screen video trend.

The app which blew up in 2020 when everything was on lockdown, TikTok offered its users a way to create short videos and put them in a place with a super easy user interface. When it started to get the attention of users of all ages, other apps saw its main purpose as a feature that could help boost their revenues and that is how we have Reels on Instagram and Facebook and Shorts on YouTube.

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