YouTube’s iOS App Is Getting A Major Revamp Including A Darker Theme And Smart TV Apps

You may have heard about YouTube stepping up its game and now, we’re hearing about how the platform’s iOS app is getting transformed.

Think along the lines of a darker theme, smart TV apps, and a wonderful online experience. Before that, the company also unveiled how it plans on adding new gestures that allow users to pinch and swipe in one go too.

The news comes after plenty of trials and experiments and we agree, they weren’t all too successful. But now, the company is on a mission to promote its redesign in a manner that users can view the service.

As of now, the look is already out and up for grabs and the firm says users can gain benefits through it from both iOS and Android.

The company recently went public with the news and published how they were super excited about the revamp that entails a bunch of features offering the most modern and wonderful viewing experience out there. Moreover, we’ve also seen them speak about how they’re working on bettering viewership too.

YouTube says that despite all of these changes coming people’s way, the same old YouTube that fans love and have been adoring from day one would still be at the core of it all.

But if we had to pick out one change that was really making a huge difference on the platform, it would certainly have to be the new Ambient Mode. This makes use of dynamic colors and adds a subtle effect. This way, the background seen on the app would adapt so much more better and seamlessly to the video.

These new features would now be including the likes of converting links seen in video descriptions into buttons. Similarly, you can benefit from sharing and downloads which get formatted to prevent distractions. And if that was not enough, the button for subscriptions is also being redesigned to make it so much easier to search for.

Users would now be given the chance to pinch to zoom on various iOS devices using the landscape mode and this way, images continually stay in the zoomed-in model.

Similarly, the app has spoken about a new functionality called ‘precision seeking’ that allows both desktop and mobile app users the chance to drag and swipe while seeking the display via a new row for thumbnails seen inside video players.

You can also be given the chance to make fine-tuned adjustments that enable you to reach a certain part of a video.

These updates for iOS will be rolling out soon for all globally but it will certainly take some time. So you really need to keep a lookout for that.

Meanwhile, the company has yet to speak in detail about if it counts the hardware found on Apple TV as a leading platform that would represent its new theme.

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