Twitter Rolls Out Innovative Icons That Give Its Web, iOS, And Android Interfaces A New Look

Twitter has been going through a series of alterations in the past few years.

The last time we heard about a visual redesign initiative was way back in 2021. But today, the leading social media app has debuted a unique collection of icons for its web, Android, and iOS platforms.

The pop-up icons are not only a breath of fresh air and great to look at, they just add that refined appeal that Twitter seemed to be missing for years.

Seeing the evolution of style on the platform may make you feel that it’s a little different from the last change. And while we agree that the change may be subtle in terms of its refinement, it’s still worth applause.

The app is putting up before and after images of the icons for those who might not notice the change and we’re loving it so far.

The company went public with the rollout news recently. They tweeted the post today about their latest change and how users are welcome to interpret the look in whatever manner they feel.

But as a whole, we can clearly witness a much bolder appeal in the lines drawn and a little more bubbly aura in terms of the final look.

One of the company’s spokespersons was caught speaking to the media outlets recently. He explained how the rollout would be for the web, iOS, and Android versions of the app. And there may not be any particular schedule outlined for the release, users would be getting it soon. But that’s only if you choose to update the app on time.

Twitter says the goal was to create a style that was subtle, cohesive, and had that extra element of cheekiness too. And we feel they’ve nailed that aspect.

While to many, it’s not going to be too meaningful but we do feel the app is busy working on some more features that will add some real value. This might include an innovative manner to keep a track of mentions while providing users with greater control over how others interact on the app with them.

Let’s not forget the good old and much-anticipated Edit Button that so many fans of the app have been requesting for quite some time now. And we know, it’s only up for grabs to those that are paying Blue Members of Twitter but hey, at least it’s a start, don’t you think?

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