In light of the ongoing economic crisis, half of the US workforce wants to work overtime to earn more

According to the latest survey conducted by Qualtrics, more than half of the U.S workers are considering going over time or looking out for multiple jobs to earn more money due to the ongoing economic crisis.

Almost 57% of the survey participants showed interest in adding extra hours to their shifts to combat the rising economic problems.

Out of 1000 respondents who took part in this survey, almost 60% of them who had kids were more inclined towards making more money for their family.

Back in 2021, the Great Resignation played an important role globally, though the movement is still going on, however, the conditions may have changed. Originally the campaign started when employees wanted to put their mental peace over work but now, people are resigning as they want to work in a place where they can earn more. Over the last year, the movement instead of slowing down is pacing up and current inflation and economic conditions have a lot to do with this.

Benjamin Granger, the chief psychologist at Qualtrics, said that families are now evaluating their budget and are looking for ideas or methods through which they don’t have to cut their budget short. These new ways may include searching for new places to work in. He further added that turnover like this can affect organizations, hence it is very important for them to know more about what their working staff wants or who is more likely to leave the job for a better one. As a result, timely steps can be taken by the company so they can prevent employee turnover.

In comparison to the results observed in 2021, now almost 64% of the participants agreed that the current situation is giving them a hard time paying even for the necessary items. While seventy percent of working parents believe that their current pay is not enough.

To minimize their expenses, people are now shifting to areas with lower inflation rates. 18% of them have already shifted while 13% are considering it. Further research showed that employees who have a family to take care of are more likely to shift than those with no kids.

While some are planning to do extra hours, others are considering getting a side job as well. However, inflation may not be the only reason for doing a side job as 40% of them are doing it either for fun or to gain experience in other fields as well.

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