TikTok Updates Its Livestream To Restrict Kids From Going Live And Enables Adult-Streams Only

TikTok is updating a few things related to Livestream on the app. And this includes restricting kids from taking the decision to go live while only enabling streamers to target adult audiences.

The news came recently in the form of a blog post where the app put out a series of changes to the Livestream functionality. The fact that there are new age restrictions means it’s cracking down against minors. But in addition to that, you’ll find a series of new creator tools too.

At the moment, those with a fan following of 1000 followers found over the age of 16 may begin live streams on the app. Moreover, those that are above 18 may be at both the sending and receiving end for tips too. This is definitely a great way we feel to make funds through the platform. But now, starting from November end, only those above the 18 age group would have permission to host live streams.

TikTok says the decision to tighten up such features is to help provide great protection and security for users and creators while supporting their well-being. The app says they’re on a mission to start incorporating safeguards for more protection.

But raising the age minimum isn’t the only thing being done. The app also wants to restrict target audiences for streams to adults only. This way, those topics that are age-sensitive would be targeted to mature audiences.

For now, you’ll find live streams on For You pages and other Live Feeds that users can swipe and see. The company adds that those restricted to adults would be limited to topics like comedy and life journeys. Hence, the goal is to prevent kids from watching.

In the recent past, it’s amazing how much growth in popularity TikTok Live has achieved. Moreover, creators are trying really hard to use this platform and generate more revenue by live streaming on the app. And so far, it’s getting fruitful results.

In the past month, we saw the news regarding how influencer agencies were busy creating a partnership to help provide training for creators that host live streams. This would further encourage viewers to leave tips for them.

Revenue generated via virtual gifts gets split amongst the creator and the influencer agency involved, as confirmed by The Rest of The World.

With time, live streams are the center of the creator’s attention and the fact that more and more users are learning how to tip means big things are in store. It’s no wonder why the platform is working hard to harshen the rules.

We are seeing a lot of live streams turn into the center of scams with disinformation being another major concern. A lot of streamers end up profiting through fake footage generated by the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the previous week, we saw how people were even appearing live to gain more sympathy and beg for tips.

This was assisted by middlemen who provided needy families with equipment to conduct interviews but in the end, it was revealed how people didn’t even get much of the funds. TikTok says they were involved in the scams and were not getting revenue after the BBC report shed light on the concerning matter. That is when the app vowed to take strict action against such behavior.

Additionally, we’re seeing a list of new safety tools come into place after the addition of safety updates on the app. So as you can see, TikTok is really looking to make some major changes including keyword filters for its live streams so people know they can block certain terms.

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