Meta Markets WhatsApp As A Fierce Competitor To Apple’s iMessage As It Enhances Privacy

Just last week, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg was seen making fun of Apple’s famous iMessage. There was also some discussion on how Meta had the ability to run ecosystems for virtual reality applications.

Now, however, it appears he has chosen a new target. The news comes after a post was recently put out on social media. It comprised an advertisement for WhatsApp, alongside a comment that went into detail about how secure it was.

Comparisons were drawn to iMessage and a similar action was carried out by the head of WhatsApp. He raised similar talking points about such behavior through a recent thread on the Twitter platform.

The advertisement was showcased at New York City’s Pennsylvania station. It’s fairly simple and is making fun of the famous green-colored or blue-colored bubble. The whole move is designed to urge people to shun other apps and use WhatsApp instead as security features such as end-end encryption can be availed here.

But Zuckerberg seemed to be more bold or blunt about it. He left a message that made fun of iMessage while promoting his own messaging platform. He says WhatsApp has greater privacy and security. He also adds that, unlike others, the platform works across both Apple and Android devices and group chats happen to be included in it.

A few other points were also outlined such as some exclusive new features to avail. Disappearing chats, options for viewing once only, and backups comprising end-end encryption were a part of the list. WhatsApp has it all but iMessage does not.

But if you ask the experts, it’s not just Meta that seems to be targeting Apple regarding its iMessage feature. Google is doing the same and it’s really making sure Apple is pushed to adopt the famous RCS, another successor for the standard SMS, seen in the Messages application.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed how he’s got no plans to do anytime soon. In other words, he mentioned it’s best if people that wished to communicate better with others without iPhones should encourage to make an iPhone purchase.

But who knows what could happen next? Apple may end up changing its mind if it sees WhatsApp become its next big competitor in no time.

As mentioned previously by Meta’s spokesperson, the whole idea is a privacy ad campaign. It’s going to be seen on various mediums for the best promotion. Be it indoors, outdoors, video, television, and more- the list is endless. Let‘s not forget the classic billboards being flooded with such news across the US.

WhatsApp plans on targeting the major states of the US as it’s already gone public about how it wishes to grow its user base in the country. Worldwide, the app already has nearly two billion users.

Seeing WhatsApp be compared with another service that people are so familiar with is not a bad idea in our opinion. Also, telling people that they’re being offered great privacy and security in return is definitely smart in our opinion.

This year only, we saw the firm put out an ad that had texts being compared to regular carriers for mail, where letters and packages may be opened at the user’s convenience. Hence, seeing iMessage be compared to SMS and not having the security that WhatsApp provides is alarming for some. Another point noted was how the same platform was used for sending both secure and insecure messages.

Similarly, no disappearing messages will be found on iMessage as they’re seen on WhatsApp nor are there any end-end encryptions.

We feel WhatsApp seems to be in a solid position as far as privacy is concerned. But that means Apple might need to pull up its socks or raise the bar if it wishes to compete.

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