YouTube Is Further Embracing Its Podcasts By Adding 30-Second Audio Ads

During the recently held advertising week in New York, YouTube was seen setting out a series of different announcements regarding various marketing tools that can be found on the app. One of the most notable ones was linked to expanding podcasts with the addition of 30-second-long audio ads.

Google’s star video platform began by referencing some research statistics where it was highlighted to be the second most favorite location of podcast listeners in the world.

Toward the end of 2020, we saw the app announce how it would be conducted a beta regarding audio ads, alongside an equal focus on music.

For the new availability found globally, audio ads were outlined to reach out to different audio surfaces while paying attention to the first states. In this way, podcasts that targeted such endeavors were seen allowing brands and various agencies to spend time on different audio listeners, with the feature being made available internationally.

Several other key points of interest and development included the likes of product feeds through Discovery ads. These appear on the app and when moving forward, YouTube hopes to add local offers that arise with real-time inventories.

Other updates included the chance for creators on the platform to tag all of their favorite products on YouTube Shorts and through their videos. This is going to be expanded to more audiences this quarter.

The company mentioned the news recently through their public blog post where they called out the exciting features and a few of the most famous creators. Another exciting update was linked to the upcoming annual holiday event for YouTube Shopping. This is going to have some exciting offerings like videos, shorts, and even chances to take part in live streams at the event that features various brands and associated retailers. Common examples of names being included are TULA and Ulta Beauty.

Another fun event worth a mention is the new offering that goes by the name of ‘Moment Blast’. This is aimed to assist brands in raising awareness for some pivotal moments. Common examples included the likes of film releases, product launch events, and sports fairs.

Also, advertisers would benefit by being granted a leading position on a few Select Videos on the app. This is viewed through connected televisions and some more devices while being granted title cards with brands.

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