Microsoft Platforms Gets An Upgrade As Apple Adds Its iCloud And Music Services

Microsoft’s platforms are going to be getting a massive upgrade as the company recently announced the addition of iCloud and music services.

The news came during a recent Surface event that was held this morning. And that’s when we saw the tech giant go into detail about how it planned on introducing a new integration collaboration with Apple’s iCloud.

This means iCloud’s storage services would now be an integral part of the photos app seen on Windows 11.

After the installation is complete, Windows iCloud from the Microsoft Store would enable iPhone users to now behold Windows devices so that images on iPhones and videos seen on Photos would be in one place.

Those users on Windows that participate in the company’s Insiders program would be the first in line to avail of the latest offering on the Windows application. This allows for seamless integration and will begin rolling out as early as today, the firm announced.

In the past few years, we have seen customers from Windows that have such devices experience great integration through features like texting, calling, and even adding images on the Windows PC. This would bring together two very quintessential devices together and add ease to people’s lives as well.

Meanwhile, CNET was seen quoting the firm by mentioning how they’re doing this to add ease to people’s lives and so that customers can gain better access to their iPhones’ images and entertainment section that they adore from Apple. This can be made available on both Windows and Xbox too.

One recent development mentioned how Apple is busy putting out streaming services from the firm’s first party such as Apple Music and even Apple TV so that more platforms arising from Microsoft could benefit.

We can see Apple Music get rolling out for Xbox consoles as early as today. Meanwhile, Apple Music and the TV App will start launching at some date next year.

The news of Apple tying in its services with Windows and the respective Xbox is made possible after we saw a launch take place on Apple TV and on Xbox consoles about two years ago.

Many call the update news that was being anticipated for a while now. So it’s great to see it finally get launched. Better late than never is what we believe in and we’re sure so many households that adore iOS and Windows are going to fall in love with the new integration.

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