Professional Accounts On Twitter Finally Get Their CTA Button For Link Spotlight

Twitter has recently rolled out its new CTA button that’s designed for professional accounts on the app. The button is intertwined with the Link Spotlight, the company has confirmed.

The news has come at a time when we’ve seen Twitter conduct several tests in this regard.

For now, the feature is only found for users in the US and that means they are the ones who can include URLs with a CTA button of their choice on their profile found on the platform.

The app recently put out a graphical display that showcases how the launch has occurred and now you can click on the available CTA buttons to include another great component to your profile.

After choosing, you are going to be given a chance to add your location URL and select a CTA button. There are several different options on demand here. You’ve got the likes of See Now, Listen Now, Read Now, Make Reservation, and Book Appointment among a few others.

As can be seen, there are quite a few of these commands targeting content creators on the application. This way, so many profile visitors will be given the chance to search and select your content. But remember, such options come with referral drivers for traffic and that may assist brands to get a great response from the audience.

After choosing your CTA message, users may activate the feature that will be seen right above your Timeline. We feel that’s pretty great and very useful because it can really assist users in getting a larger amount of presence through your profile’s existence.

But experts claim to not get too excited right now as there are a few limitations in this regard. This includes the app only giving a few URLs the chance to be featured. And at most, just 34 domains would be considered eligible as the ultimate click-through feature.

Features like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Food Deliveries, Boomplay, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Deezer are a part of the long list found on the app. So as you can tell, quite a few useful options are being presented that would appeal to people.

So helping out with your traffic is no longer going to be a struggle but pressing on any link available that you would love to add as your chosen URL won’t be possible. Users do have the right to add any link but don’t be expecting a CTA button to accompany that. So yeah, this part can be a little upsetting to some.

But why is the app doing such a thing in terms of adding a huge limitation in the first place? Well, as per the platform, they’re trying to address matters related to technical complexity and issues linked to security and trust.

Hence, allowing for an expansion to such requests via professional accounts is being utilized. So at the end of it all, the platform is not keen on allowing for the release of referral traffic to sites filled with spam so only a few selected URLs are up for grabs.

For now, there’s no news on whether the feature would be expanded to other regions.

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